Are Liquid Detergents Mostly Water?

Are Liquid Detergents Mostly Water?

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Nowadays, the use of liquid detergents is more popular than powder types
You should be careful enough to choose a concentrated detergent that has a low percentage of water

Liquid Detergent Ingredients

7% of liquid detergents are water
This amount is very low in powder detergents

Surfactants; are responsible for cleaning in detergents

This action is performed by soaking the soil into water and reducing the surface tension of the water to improve hydration

Detergents often contain anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants

Cationic surfactants are generally incompatible with anionic detergents and do not clean the system well; and that only for the sake of special effects quot

Fabric softeners, separating agents, and bactericides are used

Most cleansers use a combination of different surfactants to balance their effectiveness

Brighteners; the main purpose of bleaching agents is to remove organic stains by the oxidation process

 Are Liquid Detergents Mostly Water?

Enzymes; the use of enzymes in liquid detergents was introduced by Autoderm in 1913

The first step in the preparation was to extract pancreas from slaughtered animals, and these enzymes were not resistant to alkalis and bleaches

This technology became mainstream in the second half of this century with the advent of heat-resistant bacterial enzymes

Other compounds; many other additives depending on the formulation

Additives are added to change the properties and become foamy

Other components increase or decrease the viscosity of the solution or dissolve other components


 Are Liquid Detergents Mostly Water?

Corrosion inhibitors prevent damage to laundry equipment

Detergents in the form of solutions or detergent powders have faced more effective changes in recent years

Detergents are very important from a commercial point of view because they have a significant share in the basket of basic goods of every family

Detergents completely remove normal or hard stains from surfaces and clothes, so it is necessary to pay great attention and sensitivity to their formulation

When installing a new sprinkler system, you should also consider the type of sprinkler heads used


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