1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

Standard 1 kg Laundry Detergent Powder and liquid detergent are the usual products available on the market with almost the same features

1 kg Detergent Powder

Approximately sixty years ago, the manufacturing and distribution of 1kg laundry detergent powder under the Tide brand name began for the first time

After the success of the Tide brand, other manufacturers moved rapidly to respond by releasing their own washing powders into the market under a variety of brand names, product descriptions, and fragrances

For many years, washing powder was the sole acceptable and standard ingredient for washing garments in a washing machine

Today, there are many other options available

The use of washing powders was effective at removing stains as well as grime

However, rather than putting white streaks on dark and black clothing, customers were presented with a problem

 1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

1kg Detergent Powder Features

Some of the most important features of laundry detergent powder is mentioned in the following:
Washing powders are typically less expensive than washing liquids


Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

Mud, Dirt, and Dust Stains

High Odor Production and Softening Power

Suitable for
Automatic Washing Machine 

Most laundry powders contain linear alkyl benzene sulfonate as one of their main ingredients

This substance is a surfactant, which lowers the surface tension of water, allowing the detergent to dissolve more easily

Washing powders have a high power to remove mud, dirt, and dust stains due to the presence of alkyl benzene sulfate

Washing powder has more cleaning power than washing liquid

When washing liquid is mixed with water, its cleaning power is reduced compared to powder

As a result, it is preferable to use powder to wash stubborn stains and extremely dirty clothes

 1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

Buy 1kg Detergent Powder

When buying laundry detergent powder, you should pay close attention to the product specifications

This product must be capable of meeting the following properties and items for washing clothes by hand or with a washing machine

Keeping the color of the clothes and preventing them from being damaged in any thermal conditions above or below the water
The washing machine does not rust or clog the washing machine

Complete fiber protection in clothing clothes
Complete stain removal, including ink stains, food stains, and so on

High disinfection power
High odor production and softening power
Furthermore, each washing powder is used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent for a specific type of clothing, and washing powder for children’s clothing is completely different from powder for adult clothing

 1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

1kg  Detergent Powder Price + Buy and Sell

To buy and sell laundry detergent powder, you should carefully check the chemicals and the price

Today, laundry detergent powder can be purchased with a wide variety of additional functions

This product is available in online shops and local shops for prices between 3 to 5 USD per kg
As an old manufacturer in this industry, we are able to provide you with items that, in terms of washing quality, are on the same level as the most well-known brands

Due to the low sodium chloride content in our powders, the enzymes are able to perform at a higher level

In addition, you may clean a larger volume of laundry with the same quantity of detergent that you would normally use

For more details, contact us!

 1 kg Detergent Powder (Clothes Cleanser) Automatic Washing Machine 

The Answer to Two Questions About Detergent Powder

1: How may detergents be categorized?
Detergents can be hydrophilic or hydrophobic

2: What are detergent’s two applications?
Detergents are surface-active substances (surfactants) employed in both commercial and home cleaning

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